About VCS

Vehicle Conversion Specialists design and manufacture all types of vehicles ranging from front line Accident and Emergency vehicles to small minibus conversions.

VCS is one of the most technically capable and advanced specialist vehicle convertors in Europe. Operating from a 48,000 sq ft. purpose built facility, the VCS management and shareholders were able to create and bring together an unrivalled team of designers, engineers, production specialists, business managers and dedicated and skilled workforce to ensure a seamless process for clients to have the vehicles of their choice and specification, built to the highest standards, on time and on budget together with a “Platinum Level” of aftercare and ongoing support.  The business model of VCS is structured similar to OEM vehicle manufacturers and differs from conventional specialist vehicle convertors. Due to the business model adopted at VCS it allows our technical development and engineering teams to achieve almost anything for the end user.

Light-weight and advanced construction methods

The VCS construction method has been developed to a more technologically advanced level due to the expertise of its technical department and involvement from various technical institutions. The primary focus is to ensure that the vehicle is constructed as light as possible but not to erode the safety design parameters.

Low carbon footprint and greater fuel efficiency

Vehicles constructed well below the base vehicle design weights have many advantages. One of the most significant advantages is the fuel economy. The VCS product range can assist with reduced fuel consumption, better stability, improved road holding, reduced stress on base chassis components and reduced component and system failures. The VCS method can also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint which can help achieve a better environment for us all.

Vehicle Ranges

We can design on any base chassis and our engineering team dialogue with the OEMs technical departments to ensure all works do not interfere with base chassis warranty parameters and more importantly affect the passive safety systems.

Occupant Survival Zones

All our vehicles are designed where possible to Occupant Survival Zones (OSZ) requirements; these design parameters have enabled us to design interiors that are more effective than conventional methods. The VCS range has clean lines, free from joints, vacuum formed interfaces, infection friendly layouts and lightweight interior lockers which are fully recyclable after the operational life of the vehicle. In addition any component fitted above 600mm from floor level has a minimum radius of 2.5mm to eradicate sharp edges.

Each project is treated with the same level of diligence and detail in order that we satisfy all our customers’ needs and wants, be it private or public sector. Each and every vehicle produced has unique characteristics which makes us the better choice.

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