Electric Dual Crewed Ambulance

The UK’s only zero-emissions front-line ambulance


The E-DCA is the UK’s first all-electric ambulance, and the only zero-emissions ambulance to be put on the front-line in Europe.

Based on our proven, lightweight dual crewed ambulance (DCA), the E-DCA uses a tried-and-tested heavy-duty electric powertrain. The result is a zero-emissions ambulance that can achieve:

  • speeds of up to 75mph
  • a range of 110 miles
  • charging time of 4.25 hours

The E-DCA offers ambulance services the opportunity to take the important first step in electrifying their ambulance fleets.


The E-DCA uses a proven heavy-duty all-electric powertrain, making it the UK’s first zero-emissions ambulance. It is ideal for air-quality-conscious towns and cities.

With batteries mounted low in the chassis for optimum centre of gravity and instantaneous torque, the E-DCA offers nimble handling and rapid acceleration.

The E-DCA can achieve a top speed of up to 75mph while travelling up to 110 miles on a single charge.

The E-DCA all-electric ambulance takes advantage of the VCS ‘Core Capture’ construction methodology, making a light but robust DCA

With a gross vehicle weight of less than 5,000kg, the E-DCA sits within the Lord Carter Review specification.

It is equipped with all the features you have come to expect from VCS, including its unique rear door damp assist system (DAS), hospital chair gangway accessibility and intelligent run lock management.

Safety is at the heart of all we do, and the E-DCA all-electric ambulance is no different. Like the diesel-powered DCA, the E-DCA is CEN 1789 Compliant for destructive testing and has REG 14 and REG 16 seat approvals and in addition REG 13 brake approvals for increased GVW status

The E-DCA’s lithium-ion batteries are sealed and encased in a compliant structure underside of the floor platform.

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