Modular DCA

Advanced ambulance technology, for maximum space



Our Modular dual crewed ambulance (DCA) allows fleets to ensure an even wider range of equipment is available to crews on the road with low floor entry and exiting advantages

The Modular design of this DCA ambulance means it is exceptionally spacious, yet lightweight.

Built with the unique design expertise and detail as all VCS models, the Modular DCA can be based on a range of OEM chassis to meet customer preference.

One of the most technologically advanced front-line vehicles available to the ambulance service today.




The Modular DCA is designed to suit the needs of any ambulance crew.

Its large saloon area capacity ensures maximum medical equipment can be transported and increased space around the patient with bonded lightweight internal lockers designed to absorb energy with recessed latches to prevent injury.

The Modular DCA includes integrated flooring systems and seamless inner linings to remove joins wherever possible, for easy cleaning.

The VCS Modular DCA is constructed using the lightest inner core section available on the market and is assembled using a unique structural assembly method to maximise payload


The Modular DCA is a favourite among ambulance crews.

It’s enhanced safety systems ensure all occupants are secure, with specific occupant survival zones in the saloon and cab area.

The Modular DCA’s construction design is certified to CEN 1789.


As with all VCS vehicles, ensuring the design suits the customer need is paramount and is the cornerstone of our design route

We work with a range of major vehicle manufacturers, with multiple chassis options available to customers.

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